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Insured Delivery Service throughout New England • Established 1976


Lorraine Atlass, President


Lorraine Atlass, President at General Courier

In 1976, Lorraine started the business with her brother Wilson Abbott. Lorraine did bookkeeping, deliveries, customer service, selling and more. Lorraine did eyeglass deliveries and never ever had an accident in her history at General Courier. Lorrraine and Mike bought company in 2000. In 2001, she became President and majority owner.

She wears many hats and handles advertising, AP/AR, organizational issues, purchasing, insurance and many other areas. Lorraine has a strong belief in the face-to-face, old-fashioned handshake and all personnel being professionally in uniform and the vehicles the same.

She is a visionary and set up cutting-edge technology for General Courier with a company from Phoenix. At the time, there were no East Coast companies that could outfit a courier service of our size. Lorraine researched the product, met with the company, and trained the staff to use the new billing and dispatching system.

General Courier now has more than 60 employees and the latest in technology in all aspects. It is because of this that we can make more than 4,000 stops per day.

Mike Israelson, Vice President


Mike Israelson, Vice President at General Courier

Mike started out in 1977 as a courier. In 1984, he became the driver supervisor and in 1986 was put in charge of sales as district manager.

Mike opened the first satellite office in Augusta, Maine in 1987. In 1992, he became vice president and in 2000, Lorraine and Mike purchased General Courier.

Mike wears many hats: insurance, sales, dispatch, route organization, employee hiring, some AP/AR, all of which was learned from starting at the bottom and working his way up.

Mike enjoys the customer interaction that he has each day and making clients happy. He always listens to their needs and presents the best in pricing, timing and 39 years of courier experience on each delivery. His best attribute is communicating with employees, involving them in the many aspects of the business so that we can exceed the client's expectations. Employees can interface with Mike anytime and do. In order to meet the needs of your clients, make sure you listen to your employees—they are the heart and soul of the company!


Frank Dyer, Dispatcher at General Courier

Frank Dyer
HR, Pitney Bowes and Medical Logistics Manager

Rob Pavis, Logistics/Field Manager at General Courier

Rob Pavis
Logistics / Safety and Field Manager

John Campbell, General Courier

John Campbell
After-Hours Logistics Supervisor

John Campbell has been with our company for 14 years. He coordinates the deliveries that come in during the nights and weekends. He also delivers during the day, so he really knows the "ins and outs" to making sure the clients receive great service.

Stuart MacIntyre, General Courier

Stuart MacIntyre
Lead Dispatcher/After-Hours Supervisor

Toney Lefebvre, General Courier

Toney Lefebvre
Freight Manager

JOJO Clemens

JOJO Clemens
Customer/ Service Account Receivable