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Insured Delivery Service throughout New England • Established 1976

Courier Terminology and Additional Facts

Direct: your time table, dedicated driver to meet your expectations.

Same Day: On a daily route at reduced prices with other clients deliveries.

Overnight: Pick up one business day deliver the next business day by 10:30 am to most areas. Special after hours or weekend calls can be added, call for additional cost and timetables.

Extra stops on Direct Service: Small fee for the extra stop that occurs before the furthest stop. Fee is added to the base price of the furthest stop on the job route.

Local Services: Available in these cities: Greater Portland, Augusta and Lewiston.

Two Hour: From time your package is ready for pick up to delivery.

Four Hour: From time your package is ready for pick up to delivery. Note: if you call and are ready at 3:00 pm, the 4 hour services guarantees you delivery the next business day by 10 am. Our hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Rush: We send a dedicated driver to do just your order ASAP!

Size: Our prices include one box up to 25lbs for van deliveries and 1 pallet up to 1,000lbs for straight trucks

Waiting time: we allow for 5 minutes of waiting time, Thereafter the charge is $1.00 per minute. Please have packages and freight ready when you call, we always have a driver in your area!

Box Truck/Straight truck: 16- and 26-foot trucks available.

16-foot truck: 8 pallets max load or 5,000lbs.

26-foot truck: 11 pallets max load or 8,800lbs. Multiple trucks available if needed for larger loads.

White Glove Service: Location specific delivery, removal and palletization of product for reshipping, pictures and serial numbers provided at your request, after hours, weekends and exact time calls. Call or email for pricing.

Warehousing: Store and provide tracking. Fees for services and warehousing will apply. Our warehouse is brand new, heated, and has room for you!

Online Ordering: We can set you up so you can put your orders in with contacts, special instructions, tracking. Call or email us for information on this service.

Bulk Items Overnight: See Chart for great pricing and services for those odd shape bulkier items that fit in our vans and smaller trucks.


Have questions about your delivery? Contact us for up to date tracking.